Monday, July 31, 2006


Microsoft Visual Studio 2005: Productivity Study

This is an interesting study that shows the productivity enhancements in ASP.NET 2.0 versus ASP ‘classic’. The whitepaper contains the full detail of how the test was carried out.

Interesting read if you can spare some time.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006


My New Laptop

Last Friday, after nearly 2 months of search, I finally found a good notebook that hosts many good features. I got LG P1 Express Dual. Below are some specs.

Intel Centrino Dual Core (1.83Ghz)
512MB ATi Radeon X1400 Graphics Card
512 MB RAM(extended to 1 GB)
15.4” Wide Screen

The notebook has many other good features including the New Bluetooth (BlueCore 4) and a Finger Print Scanner. Here is a link to the complete specifications on the LG website.

Yesterday, I installed Windows Vista on it in a virtual machine in optimal settings and the performance was still reasonable, I then installed MS Office 2007 Beta on it, the result was really good for both Vista and Office in their new look.

I now need to put its graphics card on a ‘real’ test using any latest editions of games.

Monday, July 17, 2006


.NET Palm Usergroup meeting

On July 15th 2006, we had a DotNetPalm user group meeting, a total of 15 people attended the session. In his keynote, Vimal Sethi described his vision of a community and how Microsoft supports such communities in the region, he sees a lot of potential in DotNetPalm and therefore encourages each and everyone to join the community and spread the word.

Later on Hammad Rajjoub shared his views about DotNetPalm and the benefits of joining a community, he also asked the members to volunteer in different roles to foster the growth of the community.

Later on, Pooya Darugar gave an overview of Service Oriented Architecture 'SOA', and how it should be implemented, he also talked about Windows Communication Foundation and described how WCF implements SOA in its core.

Then we had a Q/A session, where Pooya and Hammad answered some questions about DotNetPalm community and SOA.

In the end, all attendees received a Microsoft Goodies bag containing a T-shirt, Windows Vista/Office pack and a Coffee-mug and also had snacks, all sponsored by Microsoft.

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