Monday, August 28, 2006


Eat Cornflakes, use has grown enormously to become the #1 fastest start page out there. Built on top of AJAX/Atlas, provides users the ability to customize their start page by selecting contents from a huge list of modules aka Flakes.

Omar Al Zabir, the man behind has been sending me emails with updates to 

Hi, in case I forgot to inform you about Pageflakes, it's my new project which I am developing using ASP.NET 2.0, SQL Server 2005 and Atlas. It's an AJAX based personalized desktop aka Start Page. You might have seen Google IG or Microsoft's Those are Start Pages. Pageflakes is also one.

The interesting thing about Pageflakes is it has been ranked #1 in Web 2.0 Awards:

Go to "Start Page" category 

We have defeated both Google and Microsoft!

Recently we introduced a new feature - Publish and Share. Now you can publish your pages so that anyone can see it. Good way to make your own website quickly. You can also share pages with your friends and work collaborative on the same page. Good way to keep a team to-do list, discuss on issues, keep meeting notes etc.

Hope you try this new feature and give us some feedback.

Remember: Eat Cornflakes and visit Pageflakes everyday.


I thought I tell you about the latest News at Pageflakes. We have just recently introduced new customization features, see our blog posting at:

We have introduced a really powerful web-based RSS reader which gives you both Outlook style 3-pane view and an interesting ‘Newspaper’ view. This should be able to replace your desktop aggregator. You can now become truly mobile reader by putting all your favorite RSS feeds on Pageflakes and read them from anywhere in the world.

We have also added more than 100 Flakes now and started operations in China (, Germany ( and Brazil ( There are some other big news which I can't tell yet but I make sure you are among the first to know when the time comes.

We worked really hard on performance improvements. Try loading Pageflakes second time, it will load in a flash. We did many interesting stuffs which I will explain in my blog at:

I have already made some interesting post on performance optimization which might help you a lot.

It would be great if you can do me 2 small favors:

1) Read the Blog posting (link above) and leave a comment, telling us your feedback/experience about Pageflakes. Can be short.

2) Tell your friends/colleagues and maybe invite them once more to check out Pageflakes. The new customization features and the new Flakes should make the site much more useful now.

As always, thanks for the support ;-)

We became #1 AJAX app again - ahead of Google and Microsoft.

Here's what a Digg article says:

Pageflakes and YouOs - not Google - are the Ajax Kings

InformationWeek took a close look at Google and about 20 startups to find out who's the Ajax King. In the "webtop" or "personalized startpage" category - arguably the most important of all categories - the winners are Pageflakes and YouOs, ahead of Google and Microsoft.

Here's the Digg article link:

Don't miss the InformationWeek article.

Pleeeeeease digg the above article.


Windows Live Writer

This is my first post with Windows Live Writer. The small tool features a WYSIWYG editor that allows you to connect to your blogging service and post directly to your blog, a real time saver for frequent bloggers. Much like the upcoming Microsoft Word 2007 which has the feature built-into it.

The installation was quick, I suggest you uncheck the install Windows Live Toolbar checkbox as the setup stops responding after some time when attempting to install the toolbar that integrates Windows Live Writer with your browser.

WLW is currently in Beta and can be downloaded from Windows Live Ideas page.

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