Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Problem with VS.NET Debugger - "error: cannot obtain value"

It happened in the project I am working on when Visual Studio Debugger throws 'error: cannot obtain value' on any variable (DataSet in my case) even when the information is passed correctly from the DataTier into the DataSet.

What was interesting about this error is that it never happened to any other DataSet in the same class. After googling for the problem, I found out that following the insertion to the DataSet, my class had a call to a function with apparently more parameters than VS Debugger can handle and therefore the error.

This looks like an issue with the Debugger that requires attention of our friends at MS.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Too many things, Too little time

Is this blog dead or do I not like to talk about the newer technologies anymore e.g. .NET 2.0, .NET 3.0, AJAX, WPF, WCF, Sharepoint 2007, VS 'Orcas' that can 'simplify' how we do web application development today?

The answer is 'No' this blog is still alive.

For the past couple of weeks (ok months), I have been too busy in my job that even required the extra time that I could otherwise save to explore newer web technologies and blog about it.

Or there is 'this serious deluge of technologies' out there, as Sahil Malik puts it, that is making it hard to keep up with.

But I'll be back soon with more focus on the newer technologies and share my experience.

Till then,

Happy .Neting or AJAXing or WPFing, whatever you do for fun :)

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