Wednesday, June 09, 2010


TechiesUAE presentation on Sharepoint 2010 Workflows

Just returned from another great session of @techiesuae, this time by Ed Muster at Microsoft Gulf about Sharepoint 2010 and Workflows.

Authoring Workflows
Ed showed authoring workflows in Visio 2010, export and customize them with Sharepoint Designer 2010 & Info Path 2010 and debug them with Visual Studio 2010.

Importing existing Workflow
He also imported existing Sharepoint 2007 workflows in Sharepoint 2010 with no troubles but the bad news is that there is no backward compatibility and the tools cannot be used to target Sharepoint 2007.

Sharepoint 2010 targets .NET v3.5
hile the goodness offered with WF4 cannot be leveraged,this means Sharepoint 2010 is built on a mature framework that has been around for a while.

Workflow authoring, debugging and publishing has been greatly simplified with the new version of Sharepoint 2010

This event also gave a chance to chat with new and existing members of Techies user group,hopefully I'll see them again.

Update 11.6.2010

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