Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Microsoft Web Camp: My demo of MS Web Stack of Love

Last week I co-presented a session titled “Creating Cutting Edge Websites for Phones, Slates and Beyond” at Microsoft Web Camp in Dubai with Ronald Widha.

From Microsoft Web Camp in Dubai

Ronald Widha talked about the challenge facing today’s designer and developers to build User interfaces that fit on desktop and phones alike, he discussed the Responsive UI design pattern and showed how Html5, CSS Media Queries and Fluid Images and can help solve this issue to some extent. Get Ronald’s slides

I then showed some goodness from Microsoft Web Stack of Love and took Ron’s user interface markup to the new CSHTML page type in Web Matrix and changed it to get the content from a SQL Compact Edition database using the Razor view syntax and launched the same solution in Visual Studio from Web Matrix then added Entity Framework and WCF Data Services to the mix.

You can download all the tools using Web PI and get my code.

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