Wednesday, August 24, 2005


VS 2005 Web Projects and IIS

Scott Guthrie explains the new Web Project System and its new features (lots of information) and he also explains how VS2005 simplifies handling IIS Application and Virtual directories.

It is a must-read for every web developer out there wanting to build Web projects in VS 2005.
Thanks zubair bhai for your feedback. Actually I rarely get comments from the readers as spider does not publish any contact information of the author. Only my blog readers care to send feedbacks.
This article is a very basic introduction to ASP.NET 2.0. I didn't goto much details about this new version. There's a handfull of new additions and improvements from the previous version which I wanted to talk about. But due to limited words count and time to complete this piece, I just wrote about very basic additions in 2.0 which makes a developers life a lot easier.
I will send you a soft copy of my article by tomorrow. I hope you'll like it, however you already know everything I wrote :)
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