Wednesday, July 26, 2006


My New Laptop

Last Friday, after nearly 2 months of search, I finally found a good notebook that hosts many good features. I got LG P1 Express Dual. Below are some specs.

Intel Centrino Dual Core (1.83Ghz)
512MB ATi Radeon X1400 Graphics Card
512 MB RAM(extended to 1 GB)
15.4” Wide Screen

The notebook has many other good features including the New Bluetooth (BlueCore 4) and a Finger Print Scanner. Here is a link to the complete specifications on the LG website.

Yesterday, I installed Windows Vista on it in a virtual machine in optimal settings and the performance was still reasonable, I then installed MS Office 2007 Beta on it, the result was really good for both Vista and Office in their new look.

I now need to put its graphics card on a ‘real’ test using any latest editions of games.
congrats buddy.

Great. :)

How're you doing ?
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