Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Microsoft Silverlight (previously WPF/E)

Another day, another renaming 'WPF/E(verywhere)' to Silverlight.

This is an interesting read, where the author Rick Strahl highlights the missing features in WPF/E.

Here I summarize few of the points mentioned in the post.

WPF/E is a subset of full-blown WPF which is a desktop technology, therefore it lacks the full power and capabilities of WPF.

I have seen some samples of WPF/E in action in the past, but all of this can be achieved using Flash today, WPF/E faces it's own issues such as lack of cross-browser support, inability to provide rich UI out-of-the-box and relying on AJAX for communication.

In addition to that, WPF lacks good developer-centric tools and that the Expression studio products (Blend, Web etc) are designer focused and Visual Studio's XAML support lacks stability.

Although the technology is not mature yet, but going forward if it has to compete with those emerging in the RIA space (Apollo etc) it has to address all it's shortcomings.
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