Tuesday, July 01, 2008


Database Schema Comparison Utility

Recently I needed a tool to compare two databases, I know that there is a commercial product called SQLCompare from RedGate but there is also a free tool over at Codeproject titled Database Schema Comparison Utility that did the job for me because I didn't need anything beyond basic schema comparison like Automation or Script generation etc. Here's the screenshot of the tool.


While this tool is useful, I noticed that there was bit of a problem with the resulting pane that doesn't resize when the Form is maximized and if you make some changes in your database and Compare Databases again then the old items are not cleared before the results are added. I changed this in the source code and made it available for download here and the demo project is available here.

Update - There is another tool SQLDBDiff that appears to have more features, I haven't tried this one though.

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I need a tool that allows me to sync sql server 2000 database.

I need 4 servers to send their incremental data to one centralized server

do you know of any tool that does that?
The link to the files isn't valid anymore!
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